Our Mission

Raven's Outreach Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization created to provide housing for homeless Veterans who are placed with Raven's Outreach Center by the Department of Veterans Affairs Social Workers.  In addition, we have an Adult Day Health Care Program that provides health services and social activities to veterans and non-veterans in need of an environment conducive to the safe keeping of fragile and/or physically impaired adults who are unable to be left at home alone.

We are committed to ensuring that program participants achieve the highest quality of life possible by:

                1.  Gaining control over their environment

                2.  Receiving help to reach personal goals and chosen  lifestyles

                3.  Becoming involved in community activities

We believe that everyone  has a basic human right to live in less restrictive environments based upon their ability, when given the appropriate support.  

Donations accepted via
U.S. Mail

               ​​​Raven's Outreach Center

For Homeless Veterans and Adult Day Health Care Services